Thursday, October 13, 2011

Frank Zappa

I was raised on Frank Zappa. And he is still way ahead of his time with music. People are so put-off by his lyrics that they won't even give the 
MUSIC a chance. This man is an AMAZING composer. On par with Beethoven and Mozart.
He was taken for granted and taken from us too soon. 
How did Wings *barf* win the grammy for Rockestra over Frank Zappa's Peaches en Regalia. And how did Dweezil and Moon Unit win the same Grammy years later as a Cover of Peaches en Regalia?

Tell me who you think deserved the Grammy. Because I sure as shit don't think it should have gone to Wings

Alright. I'll probably touch base with Frank Zappa here in the future.. because I love him so. But this was just my angry rant for the night

You're lying to yourself again

More truer words have never been said... I hate feeling this way in my relationship. 3 years...weak... I don't know how I feel right now and this playlist reflects that, at least it does to me.


Hello and welcome to I Feel Like A Song
I love making playlist's for how I currently feel. It may be the lyrics or it could be the music composition, the lyrics may be happy but if the song has a meloncholy feel, I may use it for a "sad" playlist, or the lyrics may be sad but the song is upbeat I may use it for a "happy" playlist. You never can tell.

If you would like me to put together a playlist for you, give me a few words for how you feel, or maybe you like one of the songs from these playlist's and want a playlist with a similar sound.

For the time being these will be just text playlist's, maybe as I develop this blog more I'll post .zip files of the playlist for 48hr download.

Thanks for checking out my blog, I'll be posting my first playlist very soon.